Thursday, 8 December 2011


Thank goodness for nail salons and haircuts. If it was not for those two venues, I would never read Cosmopolitan magazine. Their tagline "fun fearless female" is one I live by, but in general their target audience is a bit younger than I am.

Imagine my surprise when on the subway last night my boyfriend and I are seated next to a pleasant, well-built man who asks me which stop will take him to SoHo. Turns out he is Chris Jones, one of the 2007 Cosmopolitan magazine's "50 Hottest Bachelors." He's from Montana and is here in New York for the magazine launch this month.

We only speak for a couple of minutes. He seems to be an intelligent, earnest guy. He tells us about the fun he's had here in New York, about how surprised he is that he made the top 50. Apparently, some co-workers of his nominated him for the honor.

At the Spring Street station, we get off of the subway and part ways, but not before I ask my boyfriend to snap a photograph of us in front of one of the omnipresent "iPod" billboards. The Cosmo website contains a link so that interested women can write to Chris. Sure, he's a great-looking man (the photos do not do him justice) but from our short interaction I can tell he is much more than that.

Congratulations, Chris. Happy you are enjoying your time in our great city.\
(click on image for full size photo)

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